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Sound & Vision: Nicole Georges


Allyson McCabe talks with Nicole Georges, illustrator, zinester and educator, about her new book Fetch, how she got into the DIY punk scene, and family secrets. ...more

The Saturday Rumpus Interview: Cristina García and Truong Tran


How do you work with a material that you don’t have trust in? I had to step away from it and find another way of articulating and I had to do it without words. ...more

Dear Diary


…while autobiography and memoir have gained ground as legitimate and canonical literary modes, the diary retains an association with inappropriate, overly personal, or pejoratively “private” discourse.

At Huffington Post, Kylie Cardell examines the diary’s transition into public art form, from tabloid scoops and confessional blogs to contemporary figures who publish their own diaries, and our cultural obsession with the intimate form.