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TORCH: Over the Borderline


I'm writing about the border through the eyes of children because the border is a problem of the imagination. ...more



[T]erms like "white trash" and basura most accurately reveal those who are doing the defining. Consider what we throw away, and why. Look at what we throw away. Think about the reasons why. ...more

Voices on Addiction: The Only Thing That Has to Change Is Everything


The word rehab is short for rehabilitate, which means to restore to a former capacity. Like houses, I remember thinking. Demo the kitchen. Tear down the walls. ...more

This Week in Indie Bookstores


The Feminist Bookstore made famous by Portlandia has kicked the show out, saying the show “throws trans femmes under the bus.”

Specialty bookstores are finding that filling a niche is often the best way to survive the onslaught of online competition.