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This Week in Short Fiction



This week at Guernica’s newly re-designed website, author Jean McGarry has a short story, “Come to Me,” about an abusive relationship and the tangled dynamics of power and devotion that can hold its victims in place.

That was day four; on day one, I found underwear, not my own, in my underwear drawer.


Dedicate Your No-Trump Vote: Michelle Hoover


You see, when a man believes he has the power to grant a woman personhood by admiring her looks or her body’s use to him... he also believes he has the power to take it away. Trump believes he has this power. ...more

The Rumpus Interview with Leigh Stein


Leigh Stein discusses her new memoir, Land of Enchantment, co-founding Out of the Binders, and why most of her projects begin as "an idea that someone else pushes back on." ...more