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Black Friday Sale and Rumpus Holiday Gifts!


This holiday season, give the gift of The Rumpus! We have plenty of holiday gift options for the well-read optimist or literary child in your life, and we're kicking things off with a Black Friday sale! ...more

The Rumpus Interview with Laura van den Berg


Author Laura van den Berg talks to the Rumpus about why she thinks America is obsessed with dystopias, the intersection of surrealism and realism in her work, and choosing an ambiguous ending for her new novel, Find Me. ...more

What’s Your Story?


Laura van den Berg talks with Salon about writing her first novel, Find Me, and the connection between memory and storytelling:

I think memory and storytelling rise from a similar impulse. Part of the drive behind the shaping and recalling of memories is a desire to self-narrate: We need our story, our history, our trajectory through life to make some kind of sense, to have a comprehensible shape.