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Friendless Female Sex Workers


Not only are these characters destined to die in the cautionary tales and to endure marriages to self-congratulatory men in the redemptions tales, they don’t even have anyone to miss them when they succumb to these fates

At Hazlitt, Alana Massey writes about the baseless trope in films of the depraved and friendless female sex worker needing to be saved by a strong male client, and the poisonous quality it has in an age after movies like Magic Mike and My Own Private Idaho have told the stories of male sex workers in supportive and communal ways.


Monkey Men feature

Rumpus Original Fiction: Monkey Men


Still lying on the bed in the Wausau hotel room, I started counting ceiling tiles. From above the covers. Not under. Never under. I always feel constricted, under. ...more

jacaranda feature



I long to learn from my darkest teachers, feel the stab of their spectacular rejection. Perhaps I feel most alive when I’m hurting. ...more

No New Friends


A connection so fundamentally optional doesn’t provide the same ambivalence and tension you get with alcoholic parents, narcissistic spouses, or resentful bosses. If your friend abuses you or your trust, you can just walk away.

Slate’s Laura Miller explains why nobody writes memoirs about their friends, and then looks at two recent books that take up the challenge of doing so.


Paul Celan

I Hear the Place That Can’t Be Named


It is remembering and loving anyway—not forgetting—that binds us even if the recollections are absurd, undignified, cruel, or humiliating. ...more

Paul Lisicky

The Rumpus Book Club Chat with Paul Lisicky


The Rumpus Book Club talks with Paul Lisicky about his new book The Narrow Door>/em>, how much of your story you own, and the importance of reading your own work aloud. ...more


The Rumpus Interview with Elisa Gabbert


Author Elisa Gabbert talks about her books, The Self Unstable and The French Exit, diversity, publishing, whiteness, and writing in the Internet Age. ...more

This Week in Short Fiction


Over the last several weeks, The Offing has been releasing a stream of stunning work from its 2015 Trans Issue, and the collection of transgender/non-binary voices they’ve cultivated forms one of the most powerful issues of any magazine we’ve seen this year.


sarah einstein

The Sunday Rumpus Interview: Sarah Einstein


Mot was living my own fear... I wanted to learn from him how I might survive, if I too ended up without a home, without the resources to live what I thought of as a minimally decent life. ...more

Moshfegh author phot credit Krystal Griffiths

The Rumpus Interview with Ottessa Moshfegh


Ottessa Moshfegh discusses her first full-length novel, Eileen, betrayal, self-aware narrators, and the catalytic properties of friendship. ...more


Wanted/Needed/Loved #2: Mary Timony’s Exquisite Corpses


The stuff I’ve saved over the years aren’t just mementos of the past. They’re also reflections of the memories my friends and I have made together. ...more


The Rumpus Interview with Sarah Gerard


Author Sarah Gerard talks about her novel, Binary Star, her chapbook, BFF, dysfunctional relationships, and what it means to be best friends forever. ...more

Neil Smith (c) Michael Lionstar (1)

The Rumpus Interview with Neil Smith


Author Neil Smith discusses his latest book, Boo, the suffering inherent in being thirteen years old, and how friendship can help pull us through traumatic events in our lives. ...more


The Saturday Rumpus Interview: Sarah Hepola


Editor and writer Sarah Hepola talks about her new memoir Blackout, how gender affects alcoholism, writing about female friendships, and the writers who've influenced her. ...more