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The Rumpus Poetry Book Club Chat with Chris Santiago


Chris Santigo on his new collection Tula, writing a multilingual text, and the connections between music and writing poetry. ...more

The Real Fidel


In a flash nearly 200,000 Cuban refugees understood that we’d lost our homeland and had better get used to life en la Yuma. We packed for six weeks, and we stayed for six decades. ...more

The Rumpus Interview with Vanessa Hua


Vanessa Hua discusses her debut collection, Deceit and Other Possibilities, writing fiction in order to understand life as an American-born child of immigrants, and the importance of literary community. ...more

The America We Live in Now


I don’t consider myself a political person. To me, there are no “wrong” political beliefs. I believe that democracy means respecting everyone’s right to her opinion. And if I were forced to declare my own political views, I would have to reluctantly admit that, out of cynicism and self-interest, I find myself increasingly leaning towards the right.