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Writing = Work = Job


Settling the debate about whether “writer” is job that arose with Merritt Tierce’s Marie Claire essay about going broke post-debut novel, and a response piece by Ester Bloom at The Billfold calling writing a hobby, Lincoln Michel finds a middle ground between the two stances, arguing at Electric Literature that yes, writing should be considered a job—and the attitude that it isn’t encourages exploitation.


The Rumpus Interview with Elisabeth Egan


Elisabeth Egan discusses her debut novel, A Window Opens, life as a book lover, workplace jargon, and the question we should ask ourselves in place of can we “have it all”. ...more

The Saturday Rumpus Review of The Martian


It is the story of an astronaut stranded on Mars for about a year, all by himself. ...more

The Saturday Rumpus Essay: O Martyr My Martyr!


In most communities, teachers are compensated so poorly and afforded so little respect that in many cases the primary compensation is martyrdom. ...more