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Nick Cave Monday #41: “Momma’s Boy”


Nick Cave was a singer named Freak Storm in the 1991 film Johnny Suede. Tom DiCillo wrote and directed the film. It was his directorial debut. Before this film he paid his dues as cinematographer for Jim Jarmusch.

One day, Nick was at DiCillo’s friend’s place in London and saw the script for Johnny Suede on the table.



Nick Cave Monday #30: “Heathen Child”


Grinderman announced their breakup about a year ago. But guess what Bad Seeders? Grinderman is performing two sets at Coachella in the coming days.

Let’s revisit the first single from Grinderman 2, “Heathen Child.” At the core of this humorous song is a message…In the end, we are all alone on this giant explosion that we inhabit called Earth.



Nick Cave Monday #22: “Jubilee Street”


Goth girls everywhere will soon breathe a collective sigh of relief causing a variance in the Earth’s orbit.

We have been waiting since 2008 for a new Bad Seeds record and we are so very close. “Push The Sky Away”, the 15th release by Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds is available next week.