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Is Gender F***ing with Our Fantasies?


To lift the censorship, degradation, and foreclosure of girls’ fantasies, we may have to investigate the gendered limitations on how we think about early loves, impulses, celebrity crushes, and maybe, sexually stirring gentleman pirates. ...more

The Origin of Performativity Theory


She made it clear that the body is not a stable foundation for gender expression.

For New York Magazine, Molly Fischer profiles gender theorist and philosopher Judith Butler, focusing on how Butler’s theory of performativity has disseminated into pop culture in the thirty-six years since its inception in Gender Trouble, and how the conversations around gender and identity politics have grown since then.


The Rumpus Interview with Jenny Johnson


Poet Jenny Johnson discusses her forthcoming debut collection, In Full Velvet, phobias, courage, the dual consciousness of queer lovers, and what it means to belong. ...more

The Saturday Rumpus Essay: The Sword and Her Sister


Frozen is a study in what happens when imagination is constrained to a single narrative arc ...more