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Publicicity image of Lincoln Michel.

The Rumpus Interview with Lincoln Michel


Lincoln Michel talks about his debut short story collection, Upright Beasts, his interest in monsters, and what sources of culture outside of literature inspire him. ...more

An Old Review of Kafka’s Love Letters


“Freely pouring his emotions into the letters, Kafka is, by turns, passionate [‘I belong to you; there is really no other way of expressing it, and that is not strong enough’], self-deprecating [‘my energies have always been pitifully weak’], possessive [‘I am jealous of all the people in your letter, those named and those unnamed, men and girls, business people and writers’] and downright bossy [‘Please answer all these questions in great detail’].” –Kafka’s Kafkaesque Love Letters, by Michiko Kakutani, published Saturday, April 2, 1988