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What to Read When You Need to Understand Corrupt Families


As we wait for the latest Trump crisis-slash-scandal to shake out, here is a list of great books about terrible families. ...more

The Rumpus Interview with Annie Liontas


Annie Liontas talks about her debut novel Let Me Explain You, crafting voices, and the benefits—and occasional pitfalls—of returning to get an MFA after years of writing in the dark. ...more

Lear’s Metrical Madness


As part as the Shakespeare on Tor series, Brian Stavely brings us on a quick tour of King Lear’s descent into madness, as evidenced by a careful metrical reading of five speeches. Following the aging monarch through his perfectly-pentametered Latinate invocations of stately power, all the way down to the chaotic exclamations of a man in shambles, Stavely makes quick work of Lear.