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Trans* Litmag THEM in Print, Accepting Submissions


Groundbreaking trans* literary magazine THEM, launched online last year, is now re-releasing its first issue in print.

If you missed out on it the first time, this is the perfect opportunity to acquaint yourself with the multigenre journal and its commitment to building a publication where contributors can, as founding editor Jos Charles puts it, “write without being afraid of addressing being trans,* but also where they don’t feel pressure to address their bodies according to cissexist expectations.”

As for their upcoming second issue, submissions are open until April 15, and THEM‘s staff is looking forward to reading and printing more “formally experimental” work that “tells a story we haven’t yet heard.”


Support Publication of Young Authors: CanTeens Kickstarter


CanTeens, a literary and arts magazine, gives Harlem seventh graders an opportunity to discover and foster a love of reading, writing, and art through classes and a chance to see their name and writing in print.

Unfortunately, CanTeens doesn’t have the funds to publish this year’s anthology without some help. So please, help!  Whatever you can give to their Kickstarter project makes a difference in making sure these young authors get a chance to keep writing.