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America Again feature

America Again


I felt urgently that it was the moment to tell the story of what I’ve learned about American music—or maybe about being an American. ...more

Alida Nugent_credit Virginia Ahern (1)

The Rumpus Interview with Alida Nugent


Alida Nugent talks about her new book You Don’t Have to Like Me: Essays on Growing Up, Speaking Out, and Finding Feminism, the messiness and realness of sex and sexuality, and putting likeability last. ...more

“A ‘Fuck You’ to Women Everywhere”


I can imagine complaining along these lines in an editorial meeting at a British publishing house, and being sighed at: “Yes, of course the 1960s cover is beautiful – I love it – but Waterstones and Tesco won’t stock it.”

At the London Review of Books‘ blog, Fatema Ahmed takes a critical look at the cover of a new edition of The Bell Jar, which depicts a woman applying makeup.