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Both Outsider and Participant: Thousand Star Hotel by Bao Phi

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In Thousand Star Hotel, the bilingual writer’s struggle with expressing himself in English becomes a metaphor for the immigrant’s struggle with navigating the host nation’s hostile-yet-lucrative social terrain. ...more

Sound & Vision: Lois Weaver and Peggy Shaw


Allyson McCabe talks with Lois Weaver and Peggy Shaw, two of the founders of the performance group Split Britches, about their lives and work. ...more

Rumpus Original Fiction: My Name Is Jean-Pierre and I Am Still an End Table


I am glad to be free of that tyrant, even if it means I am an end table waddling inch-by-inch down this path on a foolish mission that might prove impossible. I may be an end table, but at least I am free. ...more

Scars of War: Watching Battle of the Sexes


Until recently, coming out was almost always dangerous—not only to our careers and our relationships but also to our bodies. And so hiding was (and sometimes still is) a necessity. ...more



My thoughts hovered above the scene pondering the reasons why and time felt like the waves of a puddle lapping against cracked asphalt. ...more

Lady Killers and Our Obsession with Murder: Talking with Tori Telfer


Tori Telfer discusses her first book Lady Killers and the fragile "social saran wrap" that keeps us all from killing each other. ...more

Rumpus Original Fiction: The Whole World Is Desert


This is what I want him to think of me. The girl poised to surf a wave under the heaviness of the full moon, the ocean around her radiant with light. ...more

Voices on Addiction: Zombie Nation


Sometimes life is so big and so loud and being a human being in the world is so much I feel overwhelmed and need a cocoon. ...more

Everyone Loves the Pope


My lover became the Pope. It was the twenty-tens and the Catholic Church wanted to rebrand with Newport cigarettes and Hermes chiseled calves. ...more