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[T]erms like "white trash" and basura most accurately reveal those who are doing the defining. Consider what we throw away, and why. Look at what we throw away. Think about the reasons why. ...more

The Sunday Rumpus Essay: My Souls Are Out A-Wandering


What is marriage but another form of colonization? A renaming? A power taken, a power taken away? ...more

Post-Election Dispatch: Charleston, SC


Right now as I write this, smoke from fires in the southeastern Appalachian Mountains haze the morning. We’re under orange alert—the air quality bad enough that schoolchildren will stay indoors today. This morning the coastal flooding is up again thanks to the powerful tidal pulls of the recent supermoon.


On Loving and Leaving New York: Home


Driving down Second Avenue, we saw the usuals: skater kids and college students, queens and models and junkies. My heart hurt more and more. The landmarks of my most troubled memories now filled my heart with longing. I even missed my ghosts. ...more