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Sound & Vision #28: Ken Freedman


Allyson McCabe talks with Ken Freedman, the general manager of WFMU (the longest-running freeform radio station in the US), about the relevance of radio, technological innovation, and a just-launched morning show. ...more

The Real Fidel


In a flash nearly 200,000 Cuban refugees understood that we’d lost our homeland and had better get used to life en la Yuma. We packed for six weeks, and we stayed for six decades. ...more

Wanted/Needed/Loved #15: Ian Svenonius’s “Principles of Modernism”


[T]he most essential thing is actually a kind of worldview, a mindset—or maybe it’s an ideology. ...more

The Rumpus Interview with Rebecca Schiff


Rebecca Schiff discusses her debut collection The Bed That Moved, choosing narrators who share similarities with each other and with herself, and whether feminism and fiction-writing conflict. ...more

Southern Girl: Beyoncé, Badu, and Southern Black Womanhood


None of the imagery of Lemonade is foreign to those of us who grew up in the South or who have Southern roots. ...more

The Web Isn’t Nirvana (But You Can Get All Their Albums For Free)


On February 26, 1995, just about twenty years ago, Newsweek published an article by Clifford Stoll called “Why the Internet Won’t Be Nirvana.” In it, Stoll provides a litany of faults to be found in the nascent web. Although there’s a decidedly un-zen tone to the article, Stoll makes some surprisingly accurate predictions—right alongside some laughable ones.