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Nietzsche The Space Man

Nietzsche the Space Man


It is often said that who controls the past controls the future but Nietzsche is one of the first to anticipate the power of speculation—that he who controls the future, controls the present. ...more

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The Saturday Rumpus Review of The Martian


It is the story of an astronaut stranded on Mars for about a year, all by himself. ...more

Prevent the Dog from Barking with a Juicy Bone


What is it that you do? What is at stake, and where is your heart? Remember Kafka’s imperial messenger? Are you sitting at the window, dreaming?

Between the broken satellites, below jaundiced clouds pumped fat with sulfate, through the hazy smog of the smokestacks, between the San Francisco and Los Angeles scrapers, in the midst of wars, where the economy is wheezing, when representation is key, somewhere in Berkeley by Strawberry Creek, Dr.


Morning Coffee


NY Times on how your brain physically manifests abstract ideas and the Tanzanian Spray Toad.

The Hubble has detected an alien spacecraft (or just a comet or something, whatever).

The universe is hella closer to death than we thought. (via Gerrycanavan)

“Don’t you ever link to anything nonscience related?” Here are some pictures of a frozen house in Detroit.