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The Rumpus interview with Jeremy P. Bushnell


Jeremy P. Bushnell discusses his new novel, The Insides, themes of consent, and designing a post-apocalyptic board game. ...more

Those Who Serve


To me, service is a transaction, and when you serve with real commitment, you might be on the receiving end of an appreciation that feels like a form of love. ...more

The Rumpus Interview with Stephanie Danler


Stephanie Danler discusses her debut novel, Sweetbitter, writing sensually, and the power of an authentic voice. ...more

Rumpus Original Fiction: Mandarin Imperial


Growing up, I understood my father through observation, and I suspect that he understood me much the same way. I liked to think our love was purer that way. Like two stray dogs who found each other and are blessed enough to just get along. ...more

Voices on Addiction: Baby’s Home


I got to thinking about home. What the fuck is home anyway? ...more

A Yelp, of Sorts


The Morning Review is doing a series of restaurant reviews by writers which isn’t exactly a series of restaurant reviews. This is exactly the criteria: “1) it is a restaurant review; 2) it is not a restaurant review.” The first essay in the series is by our own Roxanne Gay, and is about a restaurant named Radio Maria, where the sangria is excellent and the women wear heels.