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William Gibson Michael O'Shea

The Rumpus Interview with William Gibson


Legendary technomodernist William Gibson, author of Neuromancer, talks about his latest book, The Peripheral, predicting the future, and how writing about Silicon Valley today feels like his early work. ...more

How Gone Is My Valley feature

How Gone Is My Valley?


It does us all a disservice to separate the Valley’s current industrial action from that of its natural environment, human history and broader political context. ...more

Adam Johnson - Credit Samson Yee

The Rumpus Interview with Adam Johnson


Pulitzer Prize–winning author Adam Johnson talks about his new book, Fortune Smiles, fiction and voice, veterans and defectors, solar-powered robots and self-driving cars, and infrared baseball caps that can blind security cameras. ...more

The Dark Secret of the Old Silicon Valley


In 1983, “Silicon Valley” meant something different: different tech companies were dominating for different reasons, in different areas of California’s Santa Clara County.

The Atlantic’s Alexis C. Madrigal went to look at what remained of that Silicon Valley from thirty years ago, and what he found is actually kind of shocking:

I explained myself to him, trying not to sound completely ridiculous.


The Sexism That Makes Facebook Run


When Katherine Losse’s The Boy Kings, a book about the sexist culture she encountered while working at Facebook during its early days, came out, Melissa Gira Grant paid attention.

Grant had worked for a Silicon Valley gossip blog during the same time period and had come to her own dismayed conclusions about women’s roles in the tech industry.