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FUNNY WOMEN #154: Visa Status of Disney Princesses


President Trump has suspended all H-1B visa processing, and He would like us to reevaluate several candidates who gained entry under the fashion-model exception. ...more

The Saturday Rumpus Essay: The Sword and Her Sister


Frozen is a study in what happens when imagination is constrained to a single narrative arc ...more

You Are Fated to Sleep


Sadie Stein makes the worst coffee, or so she says in the Paris Review. Her coffee is always “awful in a different way,” sometimes too bitter, and at other times, too weak.

Stein reflects on her childhood love of Sleeping Beauty: “I was fascinated by the notion that, no matter how far you run, you cannot escape your fate.”

As an adult, Stein seems to be unable to escape her fate of making bad coffee.