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Both Outsider and Participant: Thousand Star Hotel by Bao Phi

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In Thousand Star Hotel, the bilingual writer’s struggle with expressing himself in English becomes a metaphor for the immigrant’s struggle with navigating the host nation’s hostile-yet-lucrative social terrain. ...more

Vincent Toro: Challenging Whiteness and Refusing to Be Colonized


Poet Vincent Toro on his debut collection, Stereo.Island.Mosaic, his writing process, and searching for identity. ...more

Poetry Inspires Kids to Change the World


To do spoken word, you need bodies, you need people, you need that sense of gathering.

Poets have always tapped into an unspoken understanding that language can tap into the ways in which the world works. Over at the Huffington Post, Daveed Digs and Danez Smith discuss how poetry equips children with a sense of voice that inspires them to be more engaged with the world around them.


People Talk


In a new history of the evolution of language, Matthew Battles focuses on humans’ relationship with writing. For Slate, John H. McWhorter argues that Battles’s distinction between the written and spoken word misunderstands how we use the Internet:

Much of the “collective, aphoristic” writing Battles describes would today be termed tweets and posts.