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Learning to Live Alone through the Legacy of Mary Tyler Moore


Characters like Mary and Rhoda hadn't been turned into stereotypes of single women in their thirties or career women or divorcees. They couldn't be: they were the first. ...more

Macho Prey: Homophobia and Unlikely Victims in Tickled


The film only grazes the issue, but homophobia is the fuel of the harassment that the targets face. ...more

#OscarsSoWhite: Calling Out Academy Bias


Instead of influencing our movie-going habits, The Academy can take its cues from us. We can continue to speak up through social media and—more importantly—our dollars. ...more

Binary Codes


No identity is visible from just one angle. Corinne Manning explains the importance of Alison Bechdel‘s “double representation”:

It’s not that there are stories that are impossible to tell, just complicated—as storytellers we want to capture and express every nuance, to enable the reader, or the person listening to you, to fit something impossible, like the entire state of Washington in their mouth.


The Saturday Rumpus Essay: The Sword and Her Sister


Frozen is a study in what happens when imagination is constrained to a single narrative arc ...more

The Saturday Rumpus Essay: Dead Girls Sold Here


Why then are we comfortable with women routinely being cast as the victims of violence? Why don’t we see that as sexist? Where is the outrage? ...more