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The Text Is My Body: A Conversation with Gabrielle Civil


Performance artist and poet Gabrielle Civil discusses her book, Swallow the Fish, how technology has shaped reactions to female nudity, and the importance of risking change. ...more

Ready for Change: Discussing Sexual Assault with SafeBAE


The co-founders of SafeBAE discuss the challenges and victories of teaching students about rape culture, consent, and anti-bullying. ...more

Kissa Yoni Ka: What The Vagina Monologues Mean In Hindi


As reports of the utterly horrifying rape and death of a woman in Delhi have made clear, India, like most countries, can be a dangerous place for women.

In a guest post for Racialicious, Hannah Green uses an Indian performance of The Vagina Monologues as a jumping-off point for ruminations on sexual assault and women’s rights, in both India and the US.