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Watching the World End: A History of The Weather Channel


[A]ll this sensationalism has made The Weather Channel, inadvertently and ever increasingly, the essential television viewing experience of the Anthropocene. ...more

Readers Report: Harvest


A collection of short pieces written by Rumpus readers pertaining to the subject of “Harvest.” ...more

The Rumpus Interview with Jennifer Barber


Poet Jennifer Barber discusses loss, identity, historical trauma, and her newest collection, Works on Paper. ...more

Rain Dance


Over at The Awl, Josephine Livingstone treats us to poetics on the colorful sounds of precipitation:

Actual rain falling on my urban windows was, however, just too good to miss. I have lived on three continents and my family comes from a fourth: these circumstances have forged in me a deep and abiding attachment to environmental constants.


Seven Storms


The Peckman River broke its banks on September 14th, flooding out the center of our town, closing roads and causing days of little local streets lined with heaps of the sad, soaked contents of basements, left out not to dry, but simply to be taken away. ...more