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Notable Portland: 2/15–2/21


Literary events and readings in and around Portland this week! ...more

Peeping under the Goddamn Door: The Price of Empathy in S-Town


[F]or the first time, I really see the tradeoffs between privacy and honest-to-god, up-close empathy. ...more

Reckoning with the Bros: Trump, Bly, and Swimming in the Sea of Grief


There are dark forces roiling beneath the surface of American life. ...more

I Hear the Place That Can’t Be Named


It is remembering and loving anyway—not forgetting—that binds us even if the recollections are absurd, undignified, cruel, or humiliating. ...more

Weekend Rumpus Roundup


First, in the Saturday Essay, Alana Hauser remembers the evil spirit from David Lynch’s eerie TV drama, Twin Peaks. The “parasitic” spirit, named Bob, is “a frightening reflection on the pervasive reality of male violence.” Hauser looks to the shocking ruthlessness of Uma Thurman’s character in Kill Bill for a feminist reply to Bob’s personification of male violence.