The Failed Shorty Q&A With Susannah Breslin


Susannah Breslin is the author of The Reverse Cowgirl, a blog known for its intelligent take on sexuality and pornography. She’s the author of You’re A Bad Man, Aren’t You. According to her website she’s writing a novel based on her experiences in Porn Valley, is represented by Endeavor, and is 6’2″.

Hey, Susannah.

I’m writing from the online magazine The Rumpus. We were hoping to secure a Q&A with you for the official site launch in January. The interview would be conducted over email in light of any holiday scheduling conflicts, and seeing that this is such short notice. The piece about you — and Reverse Cowgirl, and any other stuff you’d like to talk about/plug/etc

Please let me know if this would be possible, and what the next steps would be. Thanks a lot for your time.

Ainsley Drew
Assistant Editor


Sure. Just shoot me the questions, and I’ll get them back to you by Monday. Thanks for asking.


Hey, Susannah.

Thanks for agreeing to do this, by Monday would be great.

Some of these questions might seem somewhat hokey, just answer however you see fit, and avoid any that you think are complete nonsense, I just hope to get you talking about something you find interesting. If there’s anything you’d like me to mention or plug, just let me know. I really appreciate it.

All the best,
Ainsley Drew

What was your first job?

What was your first exposure to nudity like?

What was the first time that you recall using a computer to access titillating material?

Do you think it’s a fair assessment when people assume that people who write or muse on sex are sex obsessed?

What’s your take on the Sasha Grey phenomenon? Years ago, if someone started to get any recognition for their work outside of pornography, they’d stop working in pornography in order to pursue the more “respectable” endeavors. Nowadays, it seems a little more acceptable to make porn even if you’re known for other work. Why do you think this is?

Paris Hilton and other young celebrities seem to have a mandatory sex tape scandal. Why is that? Do you think that sex tapes boost a career?

Why is it that people assume that people — women especially — who professionally deal with sex and topics of sexuality are nymphomaniacs?

Do you believe that your personal sexuality is directly related to your professional life?

Ainsley Drew

Ainsley Drew

Where do you think pro-porn feminism came from?

Are you reading any good books these days?


You know, most of these questions aren’t for me. Generally I don’t answer personal sex-related questions, and a lot of these issues I’ve addressed elsewhere multiple times (mainstreaming) or seem pretty dated (sex tapes). If you want try again after reviewing my blog and work elsewhere, that’s fine. Otherwise, I’m gonna pass. Other examples of interviews that I’ve done are on my blog.


Ainsley Drew feels really bad for blowing this interview. She’s 5’0″.

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