Music Matters: Random Music Links by Chris West


Courtney Love is insane!

No, really, while I realize this is not a news flash, you must check out her MySpace site. Her official home page doesn’t seem to have been updated since a November 2007 blog post/tirade/plea for a new web designer, but the official MySpace site is a treasure trove. First, there are the blog entries, which I feel 100% certain were really written by her and are supremely more interesting and bizarre than anything you’ll see on most artist’s “Official” sites. Then there are the featured tracks from her forthcoming new album. “Pacific Coast Highway” just kills me. If it and “Car Crash” and “Dirty Girls” are any indication, we’re in for something much more raw and real than 2004’s overproduced and oddly sterile America’s Sweetheart, something up there with her best work.

You know who else is insane? Rivers Cuomo. Again, not a surprise, those of us who love him love the precise way in which he’s cracked. (Gosh I hope somebody out there is saying that about me!) His latest interview provides an excellent dose of this refined madness. I’m dying for access to the life-tracking excel spreadsheet he talks about! Once you’ve read the article, let’s share theories on how it can possibly extend to five years before he was born.

Bruce Springsteen is speaking up on the interview front as well, admitting in the New York Times that it was a mistake to do a recent exclusive “Greatest Hits” release with Wal-Mart. Certainly more refreshing than AC/DC’s half-hearted attempt at spin last fall, and they also seem to be miffed at iTunes for having the temerity to allow fans to buy individual good songs from crap albums. While we’re wandering in the thorny fields of intellectual property dissemination, not too long ago CNN had an excellent, thoughtful and hyperlink-happy article on mash-ups.

All right, enough reading and thinking already! I’ll leave you with happens-to-be-gay/happens-to-be-great rapper Cazwell’s “I Seen Beyonce at Burger King.” By watching it you can support countercultural hip-hop, celebrate diverse sexualities, and possibly piss off Jay-Z, all in one fell swoop.

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