Basque Nationalist Rock/Punk


Fermin Muguruza is the prime mover behind Kortatu and Negu Gorriak, two of the fiercest rocking punk-rooted bands you probably never heard, Fermín Muguruza is almost certainly the single most important catalyst in the development of the radical, Basque language rock/punk scene that flowered in the ’80s and ’90s. A political radical who believes in music as a vehicle for spreading anti-system ideas, his lyrics combine a fervent Basque nationalism with an anti-imperialist internationalism grounded in human rights and self-determination for indigenous peoples.

Antonino D’Ambrosio is the author the upcoming "A Heartbeat and A Guitar: Johnny Cash and the Making of Bitter Tears” (Basic/Nation Books, 2009) and "Let Fury Have the Hour: The Punk Rock Politics of Joe Strummer” (Avalon Press). A feature documentary film based on "Let Fury Have the Hour,” executive produced by Tim Robbins and directed by D’Ambrosio, is currently in production. His latest short film "No Free Lunch” stars comedian Lewis Black. More from this author →