Amy Crehore’s “Dreamgirls & Ukes”


Oregon-based artist Amy Crehore opens her solo show at Thinkspace Gallery, Los Angeles, this Friday, February 13. Crehore has painted over a dozen antique ukuleles as part of this exhibit, most of which are from the 1920s, as well as new paintings on linen. The paintings, Crehore says, “depict dreamy landscapes and rooms full of animals, nude girls with ukes and pierrots, all interacting with each other.” The decorated instruments converse in motifs with the paintings. Her long-time music partner, Lou Reimuller, also a luthier, restored each of these playable instruments, which double as fine art. Check out a virtual exhibit of Crehore’s art after the jump.

Read the Thinkspace interview with Crehore here.

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