Devious Inc.


I hold certain truths to be self evident. Among these: independent film is good. Locally produced products are good. Rocking musicals are good. Shoes are good. The fetish industry is good. Based on adherence to these precepts, I was delighted to see a sneak preview of the trailer for the forthcoming Devious, Inc., one of the first feature-length films to come out of the independent film co-op Scary Cow. The trailer for this locally produced fetish musical will be online for all to see soon, with the film to follow. In the meantime you can enjoy sample songs and production pictures.

Chris West believes in the power of punk rock, heavy metal, Beat poetry, and the sanctity of Star Trek. He has appeared in the journals Kitchen Sink and Morbid Curiosity, in various online venues, and in the Mortified reading series. Chris resides in San Francisco, where he works for a non-profit while seeking a publisher for his first novel. More from this author →