Stona Fitch’s Publishing Idea


Is the fix for what ails the publishing industry a new model that “definitely guarantees” writers won’t get paid? Author and founder of the Concord Free Press Stona Fitch thinks so. Concord Free Press gave away all 1,500 copies of its first publication (Fitch’s Give and Take). In exchange, they requested that every reader make a donation to something important to them. What’s in it for writers? Nothing that they can put in the bank. But Fitch says that money isn’t everything. “I spent most of my 20s in a punk rock band, my 30s directing a non-profit farm that gives away produce to people in need. Concord Free Press is a logical next step, kind of… When you take the money out of any equation, things generally get a lot less fraught with worry, more open, and a lot more interesting.”

Rose Garrett is a writer living in San Francisco. She has worked as a barista, literary agency intern, ESL tutor, and caterer at wealthy children's parties. She currently works as a staff writer and editor at More from this author →