Jonzing for Arthur Jones



The animation of Arthur Jones has cheek and Attic wit.  Whether in his videos for punk bands like Man Man and Need New Body, or his animated Post-It note shorts like Anger Depression and the Abominable Snowman, which features a seasonally depressed yeti and a snowball “bigger than the Catholic Church,” Jones’s work is always smart, delicate, heartfelt and above all, laugh-out-loud funny.  Though it demonstrates some of R. Crumb’s satire and subversive take American culture, and the heart of Chris Ware, Jones’s work has a humor all its own.  His latest video for Man Man goes one step further incorporating grotesque and graceful puppetry reminiscent of the Brothers Quay.

Jones is the Art Director of Found Magazine and its spin-off Dirty Found.  He has done illustrations for the public radio program This American Life as well as The  New York Timesjones4

While his Google will one day most certainly supercede that of the other Arthur Jones (founder of Nautilus), Jones is not to be confused with his body-building alter-ego, the existence of whom has nonetheless intrigued the designer/animator.  But Jones has some of the other Jones’s business savvy.  Who can blame him for creating animated corporate Christmas cards.  After all they are original, R. Crumb did it, and, true to  Jean Luc Godard’s words, art and economy are two sides of the same coin -in Jones’s case, a coin with no tails.

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