The Rumpus Sunday Book Review Supplement


dogs-thomas-allen-book-art-photographyThis week, Rumpus Books published reviews of new novels, short story collections, and volumes of poetry, and capped off National Poetry Month with a Supersized Rumpus Original Combo (or S-ROC, as we like to call it) with poet D.A. Powell.

D.A. Powell

D.A. Powell

The Rumpus Original (Supersized) Combo with D.A. Powell – a review of Chronic, and an interview with the poet

We Are Each Other’s Spiders – a review of Burnt Shadows, by Kamila Shamsie

A Girl Asleep in a Dream of Herself in a Dream – review of Beasts for the Chase, by Monica Ferrell

A review of Tunneling to the Center of the Earth, by Kevin Wilson

Of Mountains and Molehills – review of Little Book of Days, by Nona Caspers

More Than Just a Tussle – review of Skirmish, by Dobby Gibson

Also: Be sure to browse through the Rumpus Original Poems column, where we published 30 new poems during National Poetry Month, by Brian Teare, Jeff Lytle, Nicky Beer, Alan Soldofsky, Allison Benis White, and many (um, 25) others…

And don’t miss Steve Hely’s hilarious essay about the future of the publishing industry, or The Rumpus Interview with Lily Burana.


Book art by Thomas Allen.

Andrew Altschul was the founding Books Editor at The Rumpus. He is an O. Henry Prize-winning short story writer and the author of the novels Deus Ex Machina and Lady Lazarus. Currently, he directs the Center for Literary Arts at San Jose State University. More from this author →