Nordic Track


My friend Margaret has some good ideas, like DJing a monthly night of Northern indie pop. She might call it Nordic Track. That’s a perfect name, indicating how we would skate to Jens and Beyond. Maybe it will happen someday. For now, we have the San Francisco Popfest 2009. They’ve invited poppy folks from all over the place to come play in SF, starting tonight. The bands have names that would make Jonathan Lethem proud: Suburban Kids with Biblical Names, The Hidden Cameras (who’ve had to cancel their appearance due to visa problems…), My Teenage Stride. The Popfest has put together a sweet video pastiche of many of the artists that will be performing. Here are some highlights and extensions.

Suburban Kids with Biblical Names don’t only have one of the most novelistic names ever, they’re also the perfect compliment to the Belle and Sebastian-style pop of Pelle Carlberg. On “I Love You, You Imbecile,” Carlberg sings, “I love the way you talk / I love you way you stalk me with your mobile phone.”

My Teenage Stride is satisfying in a stipped-down-Teenage Fanclub kinda way. They are not alone in their principles.

Magic Bullets are from San Francisco but have been touring like mad.

Magic Bullets Video Tour Blog – Magic Bullets

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