In the Art Rags


Shirin Neshat is consistently astonishing. In Art in America, Eleanor Heartney talks with Neshat about her ongoing project of lyrical short films, and now a feature, based on Iranian writer Shahrnush Parsipur‘s magical 1989 novel, Women Without Men. Cabinet presents “Deception as a Way of Knowing,” a conversation between D. Graham Burnett and Anthony Grafton: “Sometimes you are just reading along in an old book and wham, it’s like you sat on a cat!” At Art Basel, Paddy Johnson wonders if there will ever be an economy so poor that it “completely eradicates bad art.” Bidoun blogs the Venice Biennale. Tyler Green waxes on The NGA’s so-called America. People still collect the Beats. And LACMA on Fire would like you to know that there’s a big scary vase at the Getty.

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