Jonathan Ames Talks Sex, Frivolity, and Egocentrism


Rumpus contributor Jonathan Ames recently got interviewed by a little magazine called Time.

Clearly this upstart Time rag is hopping on the Rumpus’ pro-Ames bandwagon, but we won’t begrudge them. How can you NOT want to learn more about a writer who’s been compared to everyone from Norman Mailer to David Sedaris?

Ames’ new book of short fiction/non-fiction/comics, called The Double Life is Twice as Good, is being hailed as equal parts brilliant and bizarre.  One of the stories from the new book is being made into a series for HBO starring Jason Schwartzman, Ted Danson and Zach Galafianakis.  Jesus Christ, Jason Schwartzman AND Zach Galafianakis!  How much hipster cred does one guy need?

More you say?  Okay, how about this: Visit his website and find a link to a contest searching for “The World’s Most Phallic Building.”  Penis-shaped buildings, huzzah!  He’s also a performance artist and storyteller who’s appeared on “Late Night with David Letterman” (okay, maybe the Letterman thing doesn’t really help his cred…).  Fine, I saved the best for last: he’s dating Fiona Apple.  Yes, that Fiona Apple.  Yes, she’s still around.

Find the interview with Time, where he speaks about sex, frivolity, egocentrism, and his new TV show, here.

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