When in Rome: DC Lit Mag Launched


Issue-1-Cover_smallThe Rome Review, Washington DC’s new literary magazine, released its inaugural issue on June 27. The issue features work from Daniel Wallace, Blake Butler, Kathleen Rooney, and David Means, as well as photography from Jonathan Goley, Thomas Sayers Ellis, and Juliane E. Min.

Founded by Editor Tarek Al-Hariri and Assistant Editors Blake Gaines and Gregory Nanni, the magazine joins Washington DC’s growing literary and arts scene and intends to present a progressive face of the arts and letters.

Why the Rome Review? “As a seat of power, Washington is arguably the most powerful city in the free world,” Al-Hariri said, “it attracts politicians, lobbyists, and all sorts of corporate interests: it is a modern-day Rome.”

Steven Tagle is a writer and filmmaker living in Los Angeles, CA. He produces short-form documentaries for Current TV, and his work has appeared in Leland Quarterly, Word Choice, and Rainy Day. He is finishing his first novel. More from this author →