R. Emmet Sweeney Gets Eastbound and Down


Rumpus contributor R. Emmet Sweeney has a wonderful article up on Moving Image Source about the best show on TV that you (or me, for that matter) aren’t watching, Danny McBride’s Eastbound and Down.

I’ve been hearing some of the buzz about Eastbound and Down—about a washed-up Major League Baseball star returning home to live with his brother—but it wasn’t until I read Sweeney’s article that I realized that the show is from the same group (McBride, along with Ben Best and Jody Hill) that brought us 2006’s achingly funny indie/kung-fu flick The Foot Fist Way.

Sweeney’s thorough and insightful review was just the catalyst I needed to move from the “yeah, I should check that show out sometime” mentality into a more urgent type of “holy crap, I need to check that show out, like, NOW” state of mind.  Well, it’s a good thing I’ve got no other plans tonight…

Read Sweeney’s article here.

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