In the Art Rags


At, Mimi Luse reports on a one-night-only multimedia Lil’ Wayne-related show, curated by Audrey Berman and Pete Deevakul. With Claude Léveque and Bruce Nauman squaring off at the Venice Biennale, Studio Von Birken’s Louis Vuitton-meets-Lil’-Wayne parody is as potent as a neon spliff.

It’s hard to look at some of Nauman’s work and not think about the fonts that haunt us, and it’s hard to think about that without visualizing the fabled Twin Peaks letterjobs. Now, writes LENSCRATCH, David Lynch is a “photographer,” too.

At, politics and kitsch at Akram Zaatari’s solo show.

In Cabinet, rhythmic role playing: “As far as­ we know, onl­y one man took him up on the proposal, an expat American card-carrying communist jazz trumpeter and polyrhythmic prodigy named Conlon Nancarrow.”

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