Alleged Artists Allegedly Using the Allegedly-Stolen Pencils


You remember how Damien Hirst sued a 17-year-old kid, Cartrain, for having used an image of “For The Love of God” in a work, and in revenge, Cartrain pinched some pencils from Hirst’s installation “Pharmacy”?

Cartrain was arrested and is out on bail for the theft of the pencils; in the meantime, he has allegedly begun to make drawings, allegedly using the allegedly-stolen pencils, and he’s allegedly put them up for sale here, attributing them to artists such as Billy Childish, Harry Adams, Cy Twombly, Richard Prince, and Banksy.

This kid, he’s got some chutzpah.

Though needless to say, the whole site might be a hoax. In which case that’s chutzpah of another order.

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