The Rumpus Sunday Book Blog Roundup


It’s your humble Sunday guest editor back in the hot seat again for another wild ride through the bookblogosphere!

Today is special to me because the Folsom Fair will be happening which, if you’ve never been, is one of the most flagrant and life-affirming displays of leather, fetish and all around perversity to ever take place in the naked light of day. I highly recommend it. I also recommend dressing up. Today I will be going as a boy scout. Ahem…

Meanwhile, the book blogs! Much, much to share. Please follow me. . .

At The Quarterly Conversation, Scott Esposito talks to Denise Oswald about the future of Soft Skull Press.

At The Book Bench, information is leaked about famous novelist spies. As if it wasn’t awesome enough that they were already amazing writers. . .

Ready Steady Book leads us to this provocative article in New Scientist about the connection between Virginia Woolf and science fiction.

At The Guardian Book Blog the inevitable question arises, Why the Dickens are we still reading Dickens? (Couldn’t resist, sorry.)

At New York Review Of Books, prolific author Joyce Carol Oates talks about the witchcraft of Shirley Jackson. (via Bookforum)

Silliman’s Blog leads us to ponder the indisputable connection between good liars and good writers.

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