A Future of Vooks


The New York Times has an article running about “vooks”: a book that has videos incorporated within.

The article strives to illuminate the argument that in a technology-oriented world, books—for the first time—are going to have to adapt as a medium in order to successfully compete and survive in this changing world.

Judith Curr, publisher of Atria Books, an imprint of Simon & Shuster that specializes in the publication of vooks, is quoted saying: “You can’t just be linear anymore with your texts.”

Author Walter Mosley points out that the two mediums are oppositional in nature, saying: “Reading is one of the few experiences we have outside of relationships in which our cognitive abilities grow. And our cognitive abilities actually go backwards when we’re watching television or doing stuff on computers.”

So the question is: where you stand on vooks?

Hans Kulla-Mader studied writing at Sarah Lawrence College and is currently living in San Francisco. More from this author →