Chronic City


Happy day, happy day!!  Jonathan Lethem, one of my personal favorites, has a new novel out!   It’s called Chronic City, and is, according to Lethem, “the best thing I’ve done.”

This is good to hear, as Lethem looks for a rebound of sorts after his last novel.  Considered by Lethem to be his most “funny and “sexy” work, the L.A. rom-com indie rock inspired You Don’t Love Me Yet, was released in 2007 to mixed reviews.

Chronic City marks a return to Lethem’s location of choice, New York City, and to the expansive, epic style of his previous NYC-staged masterworks Motherless Brooklyn and Fortress of Solitude.

GQ calls the book “a stellar, multi-layered novel,” while The Daily Beast hails it as “a sprawling book about pop culture and outer space…realistic and fantastic, serious and funny, warm and clear eyed.”

In a unique promotional campaign for the book, “Lethem vs. Chronic City” will feature the author reading the entirety of the novel over eight nights in seven different locations throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn.  The marathon reading kicks off this Friday the 16th at the New Yorker Festival, and culminates December 6th.

Click here for more information on Chronic City, or visit Jonathan Lethem’s Facebook page to keep up with news and events info.

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