The Rumpus Sunday Book Blog Roundup


Because I have way too much time on my hands, and because it’s oddly fitting this week, the book blog roundup is in the form of a dialogue between a hopeless writer and his roommate, who is stoned and watching CSI.

Writer: “Fiction is dead.” (via)

Roommate: “Oh, everything’ll be fine. Dude, look! They just removed that lady’s skull cap with a plunger.” (via)

W: “No really. It’s not just fiction. Publishing is on its last legs. We’ve gone ‘one better than book burning.‘”

R: “Hey, have you ever looked in Grissom’s eyes? I mean really looked?”

W: “I mean, reading old interviews from the Paris Review makes me feel a little better, but we’re totally fucked. There’s not even such a thing as narrative anymore. And look at what Philip Roth is saying. And just look at you! When’s the last time you read a book?”

R: “That’s cold, man. Alright. Lemme see your computer. You said the dude’s name was Philip Roth?” (types)

(From computer speakers): “Most of my sex scenes have been with women without green dildos. This is a first for me.” (via)

R: “You got anything this Roth dude wrote?”

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