Jonathan Ames Wears Many Hats


Jonathan Ames wears many hats: writer, boxer, performer, raconteur, and screenwriter.

The hat he wears in his video interview on is a jaunty chapeau; a beanie perched atop Ames’ bearded head.  It’s almost jaunty enough to distract from the fascinating responses to questions about Ames career arcs as a boxer, performer, writer, screenwriter and more.

An especially interesting tidbit centers on Ames’ answer to the questions “Is there a particular joy to writing about sex?” and “Do you have any personal stories about Craigslist?” which dovetail together nicely and resonate with Ames’ explorations of sex and loneliness.

The only question I wish they’d have asked: “Where did you find such a jaunty hat?”

Kevin Hobson is a writer of fiction, essays, nonfiction, songs, music reviews, and industrial copy about chocolate. His stories have appeared in several journals and magazines, most recently Instant City. His is also co-curator and co-editor of BANG OUT Reading Series and Online Journal. Kevin lives in San Francisco's Mission District, where he enjoys his chronic addictions to burritos and internet television. More from this author →