The Rumpus Sunday Book Blog Roundup


With the year winding down, the book blogs have been ablaze with your typical speculations about the best of this and that.

But perhaps there are less obvious threads out there if we only knew where to look. . .

The New York Times retraces the fictional haunts of Patricia Highsmith, our ‘most Freudian’ of novelists.

A cozy new issue of h+ is out.

Because any blog roundup this late in the year would be hard-pressed to avoid lists, here’s a unique top 25 best of decade one from HTML Giant!

A couple major publishers are standing up to Amazon (Via: Bookninja)

In case you need a reminder to break out your dusty copy of the Necronomicon, December is H.P Lovecraft Month.

The always enthralling A Journey Round My Skull treats us to The Raven.

While Jeff Bezos pilfers and plunders, Jacket Copy tells us about a stalwart independent press raising money for a good cause.

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