The Sunday Book Blog Roundup


With so many shopping days left until whenever, there is no end to the amount of printed matter out there that is riveting, ravishing and ultimately rewarding.

The book blogs are overwhelming to someone like me who wants to read everything. I’ll try to control myself as we venture through them.

At The Book Bench, the unique rewards of editing David Foster Wallace.

Jason Sanford poses questions as to the efficacy of science fiction in helping us confront our imminent cataclysms. (Via: Ecstatic Days.)

And because I can’t stop linking to Jeff VanDerMeer’s Ecstatic Days, here’s an interesting discussion about the connection between art and social justice.

At The Millions, the joys of writing in trains.

Does self-publishing work? That has been a hot item of dispute at 3:AM magazine. Here’s a counter-argument.

Jacket Copy analyzes our decade of bad reading.

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