The Rumpus Holiday Internet Roundup


‘Tis the season, so we’re taking a day or two off. Here are a few wonderful things from around the web to keep you busy (don’t worry, we’ll be back):

A Visit from Saint Nicholas in the Ernest Hemingway Manner” by James Thurber, who also has strong feelings concerning Christmas cards.

Our own editor-in-chief Stephen Elliott remembers Christmas: “No Home I’d Call My Own.”

Rumpus contributor Michelle Threadgould on “Holiday Burlesque: The No Santa Baby Rule and The Art of the Tease.”

Christmas poem to a man in jail” by Charles Bukowski.

Rumpus New York editor Rozalia Jovanovic‘s short fiction: “The Trouble with the Eve” and “Frames.”

Moby Dick as a snow sculpture and books as a Christmas tree.

The New York Public Library on William S. Burroughs’ Christmas cards and letters: “A Burroughs Christmas Story.” (via Maud Newtwon)

Don’t miss our holiday cartoons: Paul Madonna‘s “SMALL POTATOES: Holiday Theatre” and Jon Adams‘ “TRUTH SERUM: Merry Crimmis.”

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Happy Holidays!

-The Rumpus Staff