Jonathan Keats Screens Travel Documentaries for Potted Plants


In a Wired article, Scott Thill elaborates on artist Jonathan Keats’ Strange Skies installation, in which he screens films for potted plants in New York. The plants will be exposed to travel documentaries of various European skies. Keats states that that he feels it is only “fair that shrubs and trees know what’s happening, that they realize that the cataclysm they’re experiencing locally is truly global in scope.”

Running at the AC Institute in New York through March 13, Keats hopes his installation will give the plants an escape from New York.

Prior to this installation Keats created a story that takes 1,000 years to read in an attempt to rejuvenate attitudes toward literature. Keats has also copyrighted his mind and attempted to genetically engineer God in a petri dish. In his creation of the latter, he gathered bell jars, light meters, cyanobacteria and 160 caged fruit flies.

Nina Moog is a writer and director of photography based in Germany. She holds an MA from the University of St. Andrews and an MSc from the University of Oxford, where her thesis focused on photographic representations of prisons. More from this author →