RUMPUS RADIO #1: Interview with K.Flay


Introducing the Rumpus—now in audio!

What is your pun threshold?

Are you ready for a pun battle between K.Flay and the International Pun Champion, Joe Sabia? Tune in at the 20-minute mark in the interview.

Topics also discussed by San Francisco hip hop artist K.Flay and Rumpus Radio host Matt Werner include MC Lars, K.Flay’s Mashed Potatoes Mix Tape, K.Flay’s songs, “Guinevere,” “No Ignorance” (remix of Paramore’s “Ignorance”), K.Flay staying straight-edge after her father’s passing, and her Do-It-Yourself ethic in music production. The podcast also features an exclusive acoustic version of “Bye, Bye Illinois” recorded by Rumpus Radio.

Pun battle excerpt:

What do you call it when Sarah Palin gets high?

Baked Alaska.


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